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2023 Düsseldorf MEDICA TRADEFAIR-Let ultrasound go abroadd



  The last exhibition konted participated in this year was held in Düsseldorf Germany. It was the first showcase of our products in Europe——C10RL pro.This product received a lot of praise at this exhibition and its birth has also redefined the future of portable ultrasound.This product made our booth lively.

  C10RL pro debuted at the exhibition,it is a new product just developed by KONTED, one of the leading handheld ultrasound device manufacturers in China.It has been upgraded based on the prototype C10RL and is equipped with a high-frequency linear array probe.Its frequency is 16-23Mhz.This is also the first high-frequency linear array probe with dual probes.And the other hand, C10TX and C10CW these two products also continued their previous sales volume in this exhibition.We hope that by combining the ultrasound probe repair process with the donation process, we can do our part to save lives around the world.

  In the future, we hope to do our best to help those who do not have access to medical imaging equipment so that more people will no longer suffer from illness. Konted looks forward to meeting you in 2023.