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Biopsy needle guide(C10TX-Linear)

This non-disposable ultrasound-guided needle provides a safe and effective way to comply treatment plans when paired with the correct model. The needle guide is made of stainless steel and has a variety of angles, which you can be adjust it according to different situations. This guide needle can only be used with C10TX ultrasound equipment. During installation, you need to align the slot of the ultrasound guide needle with the slot of the ultrasound equipment each time. It should be disinfected after use to avoid bacterial infection. Offers physicians a means of obtaining hard-to-reach lesions via shallow variable angle design of needle guide.

c10tx biopsy needle
c10tx biopsy needle2
c10tx biopsy needle1
c10tx biopsy needle5
c10tx biopsy needle4
c10tx biopsy needle3
c10tx c biopsy needle8
c10tx c biopsy needle7
c10tx c biopsy needle6

Specification of Biopsy needle guide(C10TX-Linear)

Product specs:

NameBiopsy needle guide (C10TX-Linear)
Compatible modelC10TX-Linear


Medical Stainless steel


High precision

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