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09, 2022
Portable Ultrasound Market Is Booming
Since the advent of B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument in 1950s, it has played an important role in clinical diagnosis because of its simplicity and reliability. At present, B ultrasound is widel...
09, 2022
How To Use Hand-Held Wireless Ultrasound?
Wireless ultrasound diagnosis has the characteristics of safety, non-destructive, intuitive and simple, and is the preferred detection method for the diagnosis of routine items.In recent years, the me...
09, 2022
Does Portable B Exceed See Fetal Sex Depend Spectrum?
Recently, a microblog attracted the attention of many fans: "Yesterday XX people introduced to me their product, portable B-mode ultrasound, this product has been on the market very early, the va...
09, 2022
Simple In Form And Surging In Core: Wireless Probe Type B Ultrasound/Color Ultrasound
The size of the phone is only 250g, and the highest configuration is 192 array elements with 64 channels. Harmonic throatreduction composite imaging processing makes the image clear and delicate, comp...
09, 2022
Wireless Probe Ultrasound Has Revolutionized The Industry
With the development of electronic integration technology, the volume of the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment is more and more concentrated, this paper introduces a new ultrasound probe type, the produ...