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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in MSK

Portable MSK ultrasound Makes Exercise Safer.

For Kinesiologists/Physiotherapists' special design,

Effective detection of tendinopathy, sprains, and high incidence of soft tissue injuries.

Science sports, healthy life.

Portable Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Functions

MSK ultrasound probe has played an important role:

  1. Portable MSK ultrasound can be used in venipuncture visual guidance.

  2. MSK portable ultrasound probe is useful in intervertebral disc radiofrequency ablation.

  3.  Portable musculoskeletal ultrasound can be used in peripheral soft tissue release therapy.

  4. Portable msk ultrasound is also suitable for entrapment syndrome,

  5. MSK ultrasound probe can also be used in auxiliary peripheral nerve block and nerve ablation,

  6. Wireless portable ultrasound plays an important role in inter-articular drug delivery.

  7. MSK ultrasound probe is also useful in auxiliary diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Gallery Of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used In MSK

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