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C10MB USB&Wifi High Linear Ultrasound Probe

C10MB skin ultrasound is our first ultrasound probe designed for facial aesthetics. It can be applied in aesthetic surgery, such as acne scars, non-ablative skin resurfacing, skin lifting & tightening, etc. Users can learn about various facial muscles, nerves, and other structures by using C10MR aesthetics ultrasound probe. Inject different drugs according to different conditions. Like the more common collagen or Botulinum toxin and others. C10MR USB&Wifi aesthetics ultrasound probe is particularly suitable for evaluating the extent and depth of deep skin lesions and swelling. In a word, Dermatologic ultrasound plays an important role in making cosmetic surgery safer and more effective than ever before.

c10mr 16 20 handheld ultrasound4
c10mr 16 20 handheld ultrasound1
c10mr 16 20 handheld ultrasound2

Specification of C10MB USB&Wifi High Linear Ultrasound Probe

Probe TypeHigh Frequency Linear Probe
Software SystemsAndroid. IOS. Windows
Probe Button-Power on/off
Wi-Fi Type802.11n/20MHz/
Scan Depth10-40mm 
Waterproof Grade


Display ModeB
*Dual&Full screen Display
Software Control
B GN(Gain)
Color GN(Gain)
DR(Dynamic Range)
An note
Page Left/Right Up/Down

*Body Mark
Image storageJPEG, MP4, Dicom
Clip LoopAutomatic / manual
100-200-500-1000 frame
Frame rate18~24 F/S
PresetsThyroid, SmallParts, Pediatrics, Vascular, Carotid, Breast, MSK, VesselFlow, Nerve
MeasuresB: Length, Distance,Area/Circumference, Trace,Depth, Angle,
B+M: HeartRate, Time, Distance, LVID
B+PW:Velocity, Heart Rate(2), S/D, Depth, Time.
Measure Magnify
*Built in cooling coating
*Working While charging
BatteryBuilt-in High capacity Lition batteries
2200 mAh,
Power Consumption3 W (Live) / 1 W (freeze)
Continuous hours of scanning2h
48h Ultra-long standby
Recharge time2h
*ChargingType-C USB
Wireless charging
LanguageChinese, Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, France, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

Features of C10MB USB&Wifi High Linear Ultrasound Probe

Features of C10MB USB&Wifi High Linear Ultrasound Probe
  • Only 155g,smaller than iphone, easy to carry.

    Easy to operate and carry.

  • WiFi&USB, 2 connection methods, support working while charging.

    Wireless charging and wired charging take the same time.

  • High-frequency linear array probes

    16-20Mhz,Scan Depth 10-40mm.

  • B,B+B,B+M,Color PW,PDI

    Multiple ultrasound mode adjustments, equipped with color ultrasound function,convenient for doctors to treat.

C10MB High Linear Ultrasound Probe

C10MB High Linear Ultrasound Probe
  • It can improve blood circulation and eliminate edema.

    It can also assist in the treatment of acne, improve facial dermatitis, and improve facial wrinkles.

  • The treatment effect for skin relaxation is also quite good, which can achieve the effect of lifting the skin.

    It can improve skin sagging and penetrate directly into skin tissue.

  • It can play a role in improving sleep quality。

    Ultrasound can stimulate nerves and improve sleep quality to a certain extent.

  • It can effectively remove acne on the face

    It also has a good effect on improving pore blockage and eliminating toxins.

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