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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in Critical Care

Portable ultrasound has become an increasingly used tool in intensive care units because it is a non-invasive, reproducible method and has no side effects since the newborn is not exposed to radiation. It allows rapid diagnosis and then treatment, such as for lung diseases and other life-threatening conditions.

Functions of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in Critical Care

Handheld ultrasound probe plays an important role in the fields of ICU:

  1. Internal bleeding,

  2. Pneumothorax,

  3. Pericardial effusion examination,

  4. Visualization of subclavian vein catheterization,

  5. Chest and stomach fluid,

  6. Acute abdomen examination and judgment,

  7. Extraction visual guidance.

Gallery Of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used In Critical Care

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