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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in Veterinary

Veterinary ultrasound equipment designed for small pet diagnostics, the animal ultrasound machine for cat and puppy.

This veterinary sonography machine is small and smart, easy to be used for the examination of small animals, basic diagnosis.

*Diseases of internal organs.

*Head injury.

*Musculoskeletal disorders.

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Functions

Veterinary sonography machine, as a kind of handheld wireless ultrasound probe , offers the Veterinary Hospital a broad selection of options to suit every clinical requirement including domestic animals, farms, and exotics. Konted as one of the most technical handheld ultrasound companies in China,we can assure the quality of our veterinary ultrasound equipment.

Gallery Of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used In Veterinary

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