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C10CS Color Superfical Ultrasound HD High-Freq Linear Probe

Gen4 Pro C10CS Bluetooth Ultrasound Probe body boasts three easy-to-use activation buttons, with the linear ultrasound probe frequency set between 10-14mhz and 192 colorful elements. Color Doppler linear probe can quickly examine arteries, blood vessels, MSK, etc. Gen4 Pro C10CS Bluetooth Ultrasound linear array transducer probe is the best choice for superficial organ examination.

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C10CS Bluetooth Ultrasound Probe
C10CS Ultrasound Colour Doppler Bluetooth Probe
C10CS Colour Doppler Ultrasound Linear Probe
C10CS Color Doppler Imaging Ultrasound Probe

The Uses of Gen4 Pro C10CS Bluetooth Ultrasound Probe

C10CS is used for fat reduction and to improve skin appearance. With ultrasound-guided cosmetic treatments, doctors can precisely target specific areas, avoiding critical structures and reducing the risk of complications.C10CS imaging also plays an important role in body contouring surgery. Colour doppler ultrasound is helpful to detect subcutaneous fat and allowd octors to visualize fat deposits, assess skin laxity and pinpoint problem areas.

The C10CS color flow ultrasound probe allows physicians to visualize the treatment area in real time, allowing for precise placement of injectables and reducing the chance of product migration. The ability to assess tissue depth and density can help determine the best treatment settings for procedures such as body sculpting and fat reduction. Additionally, our products offer the opportunity to target hard-to-reach areas that may otherwise be difficult to treat effectively. This precision ensures patients receive treatments customized to their unique anatomy, resulting in more satisfactory results.

Specification of C10CS Color Superfical Ultrasound HD High-Freq Linear Probe

Product specs:

ProbeWireless micro linear probe
PresetsThyroid, Small parts, Pediatrics, Vascular, Carotid, Breast, MSK, Nerve
HostIOS/Android/Windows, Tablet, Smart phone, PC
Software Adjustable ParametersGN(gain), D(Depth), ENH(Enhancement), DR(Dynamic range), F(Frequency), FocusPos, PRF, WF, Mode, 8TGC, Biopsy, Annote
MeasurementB: Length, Area, Circumference, Angle, Trace, Distance
B+M: Heart rate, Time, Distance
B+PW:Velocity,Heart rate(2), S/D, Depth
Playback Frames100, 200, 500, 1000 optional
Display ModeB, B/M, Color, PW, PDI, B+B
WiFi TypeBuilt-in WiFi, 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps
LanguageChinese, Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, France, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Powerby built-in 4200mAh battery
Battery ReplaceableYes
Battery Last3hours (Working time), 12hours (Stand by time)
ChargerWireless charger, USB cable

Features of C10CS Color Superfical Ultrasound HD Super-Width Linear Probe

Features of C10CS Color Superfical Ultrasound HD Super-Width Linear Probe
  • Multi-system platform

    Connect Android/IOS/Windows Smartphone, tablet, PC.

  • Easy to operate and carry

    Small size, light weight 200g~240g, wireless use.

  • High-definition image

    192 elements, 4-level image optimization technology, Color Doppler,WIFI ultrasound.

C10CS Linear Probe

C10CS Linear Probe
  • Assisted Fractional Radiofrequency Laser Treatment of Skin Scars

    Radiofrequency fractional laser repair can produce collagen in the skin, thereby repairing the skin's elasticity.

  • Use ultrasound to look at fibrous tissue to identify areas to fill scars

    Ultrasound treatment of scars is safer and can also determine the depth of scars.

  • Observe healthy skin tissue without damaging the epidermis

    Ultrasound is a non-surgical diagnostic test that does not cause any damage to the skin.

  • Promotes collagen synthesis to fill scarred areas with new skin

    Improve wrinkles, skin sagging and other problems by injecting collagen into facial skin. 

  • Assist facial cleansing and prevent skin diseases

    Such as cellulitis, psoriasis, keratocysts and other lesions.

Color Superfical Ultrasound Video Display

Abdominal Ultrasound Transducer Iliac Artery B
Abdominal Ultrasound Transducer Iliac Artery B
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