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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in OB&GYN

Obstetrical ultrasound can be performed efficiently without using a console system in the exam room or waiting for the system to become available. It gives you key visual information at your fingertips. With its superior image quality, KONTED can help you quickly determine the next steps for your patients, potentially saving them time.

Functions of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in OB&GYN

wireless Ultrasound plays an important role in OB&GYN.

  1. breast examination,

  2. examination ring examination,

  3. uterine examination,

  4. visualization of abortion and abortion curettage,

  5. fetal development and fetal heart,

  6. amniotic fluid and other daily examinations,

  7. umbilical cord,

  8. postpartum pelvis,

  9. abortion and curettage,

  10. catheterization,

  11. urinary obstruction and other urine residual examinations.

  12. Biopsy.

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