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How To Use Hand-Held Wireless Ultrasound?

Wireless ultrasound diagnosis has the characteristics of safety, non-destructive, intuitive and simple, and is the preferred detection method for the diagnosis of routine items.

In recent years, the medical community for more portable handheld ultrasound equipment demand is more and more urgent. The portability of ultrasound equipment can greatly improve the efficiency of diagnosis, allowing doctors to use it in both large hospitals and small, remote clinics. In addition, for some critically ill patients and elderly patients, the appearance of handheld ultrasound will bring great convenience to their clinical diagnosis.

The Principle Of B Ultrasound

The human ear has a limited range of hearing. It can only feel the sound of 16-20,000 Hz, and cannot hear the sound above 20,000 Hz, which is called ultrasound. Like ordinary sound, ultrasound can travel in a certain direction and penetrate objects. If it encounters obstacles, echoes will be generated, and different obstacles will produce different echoes. People collect such echoes through instruments and display them on the screen, which can be used to understand the internal structure of objects. Using this principle, ultrasound is used to diagnose and treat human diseases. There are many types of ultrasonic diagnostic instruments used in medical clinic, such as type A, type B, type M, sector and Doppler ultrasound, etc. Type B is one of them, and it is the most widely used and simple one in clinic. Through B-mode ultrasound, various sections of the internal organs of the human body can be obtained clearly. B ultrasound is suitable for the diagnosis of liver, bile, kidney, bladder, uterus, ovary and other organ diseases. The price of B ultrasound examination is cheaper, without adverse reactions, and can be checked repeatedly.

The Transformation Of Medical Visual Diagnosis And Treatment Equipment

As apple, all kinds of intelligent bracelet watches, intelligent glasses, and other products, all kinds of wearable devices, portable attracted a large number of people, these wearable devices, portable device greatly improved the living standards, people meet the requirements of part of fitness and so on, and also gradually obtained the application in the medical level. But it also has more prominent pain points, need to have more breakthroughs.

From the perspective of the development of holistic medicine portable ultrasonic equipment, most of the portable ultrasonic equipment function is unitary, function is simple, the part of some medical equipment have blood test, blood test, blood glucose, and other functions, but its medical application value is not high, data is not precise enough, not enough scientific monitoring program, and disease monitoring index matching required. All these determine that it is only a shallow sensory experience, and deep medical application is still a long way off. In addition, the function is simple, the technical content is not high, the replication is strong, the value of continuous connection is limited, the continuity of data and the continuity of monitoring are limited, these intermittent and discontinuous data connections reduce the medical use of portable ultrasound equipment, and the authenticity of its data will also be questioned. There are relatively few applications in medical research and practical clinical application, and the application scope is more in civil and daily aspects, and the application of medical level needs to be improved.

In general, portable ultrasound equipment in China is in a period of rapid growth, with a large number of products, but the homogeneity is serious. It is necessary to make breakthroughs to make new highlights in patient use and medical clinical application.

Slow disease formation is a long process, surface of many chronic diseases are asymptomatic, if let the development of disease will be in imperceptible in accumulation, thereby causing serious consequences, need data real-time monitoring to the body, timely discovery is unusual, and the treatment of slow disease also not happen overnight, need frequent interaction with the doctor, The precision inclusive medical engineering platform will put more interactions online to save consultation costs for both doctors and patients. When necessary, it will launch offline medical docking.