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Aesthetics Wireless Ultrasound

Aesthetics Wireless Ultrasound

C10MR and C10CS are designed for facial aesthetics.Linear probes can confirm and characterize existing facial fillers.They are all high-frequency ultrasound probes from our company.It can display the nails of patients with psoriasis and arthritis.CS is suitable for basic facial ultrasound and can help more students in facial aesthetics quickly master the method.Because like facial filling techniques require great care.They need more aesthetic practice.Konted aims to promote the safe and healthy development of the high-end facial beauty market and meet more needs.We have developed a more professional version of the high frequency 18-24Mhz linear probe.It can shows the nails of people with psoriatic arthritis.It can also confirm and characterize existing facial fillers.

Different Types of Aesthetics Wireless Ultrasound

Difference Between KONTED Types of Aesthetics Wireless Ultrasound

Aesthetics Wireless Ultrasound  is providing convenience for doctors. This category utilizes the strong penetration of ultrasound and its ability to penetrate deep into the skin to perform physical therapy on the human body and face,achieving the goal of weight loss,shaping,whitening,and improving skin quality.Konted invented C10CS and C10MR to create more possibilities in the ultrasound market。If you are a green hand, C10CS is more suitable for you. It can help you quickly master facial filling techniques, C10MR is more suitable for skilled cosmetic doctors, and C10MR has increased the frequency on the basis of C10CS, which can better assist doctors in repairing facial acne scars, non ablative skin, and so on.

As one of the most professional handheld ultrasound companies in China, Konted provide high-quality handheld wireless ultrasound with good services.

Model    C10CSC10MR
Probe typeLinearHigh-frequency linear array
Scan Freq10-14Mhz
Scan DepthLinear:40-100mmLinear:1~25mm
Frame rate24s/f18~24 F/S
Batteryby built-in 4200mAh batteryBuilt-in High capacity Lition batteries 2200 mAh
Built-in WiFi, 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps802.11n/20MHz/ 2.4G/5G
LanguageChinese,English,Russian,Italian Spanish,Portuguese(Brazil)

Chinese, Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, France, ltalian, Spanis,Portuguese (Brazil)

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Have Any Questions? Get in Touch With KONTED Now!
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