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Cardiac Wireless Ultrasound

Cardiac Wireless Ultrasound

The Konted handheld wireless cardiac ultrasound probe can perform cardiac ultrasound diagnosis, and can provide a clearer heart image than the 3-in-1 probe.Ultrasound software is compatible with IOS Android system and Windows system, and the software is all free.C10CW is our new product in 2023. It is a continuous wave Doppler ultrasound probe. This product improves the accuracy of diagnosis and meets various needs of clinical practice.Konted is one of the most technical manufacturers of handheld ultrasonic equipment, if you need it, please contact us in time.

Different Types of Single Probes Multipurpose Ultrasound

Difference Between KONTED Types of Cardiac wireless ultrasound

Compared to the three in one probe, this single headed heart probe is more professional. It can better assist doctors in observing the heart. At present, we have two professional cardiac probes, C10CW and C10UC. C10UC is our first cardiac ultrasound probe, which can be wired for imaging and has multiple modes such as B, B/M, color, PW, and PDI. Based on market demand, Konted has developed a more high-end C10CW, adding the CW mode to the original foundation, which can better detect high flow rate blood flow signals. And added anti slip design.

As one of the most professional handheld ultrasound companies in China, Konted provide high-quality handheld wireless ultrasound with good services.

Model    C10UCC10CW
Probe typePhased array probePhased array probe
Scan FreqPhased:2.2-3.6Mhz
Scan DepthPhased:90-190mmPhased:90~240mm
Frame rate24s/f18~24 F/S
Batteryby built-in 2600mAh batteryBuilt-in 2 High capacity Lition batteries 2600 mAh
Cooling coatingYesYes
Anti-skid design/Yes
Built-in WiFi, 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps802.11n/20MHz/2.4G/5G



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Have Any Questions? Get in Touch With KONTED Now!
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