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C10UC USB&Wifi Cardiac Ultrasound Probe

C10UC is our ultrasound probe designed for animals. Vet wireless ultrasound is suitable for farms, pet hospitals, and animal transportation departments. It is mainly used to monitor animal pregnancy, abdominal organs, etc., and assist veterinarians in more effective treatment of diseased pets. Whether you are just starting out in small animal practice and want to understand the basic principles, or you are experienced in sonography and want to improve your skills and interpretations. C10UC is suitable for you.

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Specification of C10UC One-probe Cardiac Probe

Product specs:

ProbePhased array probe
HostTablet, Smart phone, PC
Connection802.11.n / 20Mhz/ 5G WIFI(AP)
Software Adjustable ParametersGN(gain), D(Depth), ENH(Enhancement), DR(Dynamic range), F(Frequency), FocusPos, PRF, WF, Mode, 8TGC, Biopsy, Annote, Page left/right/up/down.
MeasurementB: Length, Area/ Circumference, Angle, Trace, Distance
B+M: Heart rate, Time, Distance
B+PW: Velocity, Heart rate(2), S/D, Depth
Playback Frames100, 200, 500, 1000 optional
Display ModeB, B/M, color, PW, PDI
Image Gray Scale256 level
WiFi TypeBuilt-in WiFi, 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps
LanguageChinese, Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, France, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Powerby built-in 2600mAh battery
Battery ReplaceableYes
Battery Last3 hours(Working time), 12hours (Stand by time)
Chargerwireless charger

Features of C10UC cardiac wireless probe

Features of C10UC cardiac wireless probe
  • 128 elements USB Wifi cardiac ultrasound probe

    scanning depth, footprints, etc., KONTED Wireless Ultrasound probes  are suitable for examining different body parts

  • Phased array probe,2.2-3.6Mhz
  • B, B/M, color, PW, PDI
  • By built-in 2600mAh battery
  • Type-C&USB&Wireless charging,3 hours(Working time)

C10UC Phased Array Probe

C10UC Phased Array Probe
  • Determine if your pet has a congenital condition causing the murmur

    If so, it can be determined and the severity of the disease.

  • See what your pet's heart looks like and what it does in real time.

    Look for masses in and around the heart, fluid in the pericardial sac

  • Measure individual heart wall thickness, ventricular size and blood flow.

    Make calculations based on these measurements to learn how your heart is functioning.

  • See if treatment is helping, or if a change in dosage or new medication is needed.

C10UC One-Probe Multipurpose Ultrasound Phased Array probe Video Display

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