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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in Plastic Surgery

Facial ultrasound is a test performed with high-resolution ultrasound that uses a high-frequency transducer to evaluate the injection cosmetic procedure performed. Therefore, dermatologists can choose the best cosmetic treatment for their patients.

Functions of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used in Plastic Surgery

Wireless ultrasound plays an important role in plastic surgery. 

  1. high-intensity ultrasonic anti-wrinkle treatment,

  2. vision-guided injection of hyaluronic acid to achieve precise injection,

  3. avoidance of blood vessels and nerves,

  4. platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection guidance,

  5. vision-guided avoidance of bone blood vessels in the eyes,

  6. and handheld ultrasound probe can also be used in vision-guided chest surgery.

Gallery Of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Used In Plastic Surgery

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