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Wireless Probe Ultrasound Has Revolutionized The Industry

With the development of electronic integration technology, the volume of the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment is more and more concentrated, this paper introduces a new ultrasound probe type, the product the host to concentrate a small circuit board and embedded Yu Chaosheng probe, implements the whole ultrasound is just a probe size, and developed based on mobile phones, tablets and other intelligent terminal software, The image data of the probe type B-ultrasound is transmitted to the intelligent terminal through the built-in wifi, and the intelligent terminal realizes the display and management of the image. Carry, easy to use and the product, and using only the terminal can powerful Internet traffic is very convenient to realize the remote medical artifact, suitable for the development trend of mobile medical and Internet, to clinical and grassroots medical workers also bring a lot of work is convenient, is expected to become the medical personnel hand a set of "visual diagnosis device".

B ultrasound, color ultrasound examination is one of the most routine examinations in the hospital, in everyone's impression, to do this examination to the hospital to let the doctor make a single and then to B ultrasound room, with a large B ultrasound machine to check, even in the birth control station, physical examination department has a small B ultrasound, but at least is handheld or handheld.

Wireless Ultrasound With A Probe Changes All That

a single "ultrasound probe", coupled with the user's own tablet or smartphone equipped with dedicated ultrasound software, can be used as an ultrasound. And this "B ultrasound probe" is not only small, convenient to carry, and there is no connection, and the phone is transmitted through the Wifi signal issued by the built-in micro router, there is no connection, it is very convenient to use.

Can you use your phone for an wifi ultrasound? It sounds amazing, but how does it work? CAI Weizhong, head of Guangzhou Sonostar Information Technology Co., which developed the product, put it this way: "In fact, the 'B ultrasound probe' is not just a probe, but a 'B ultrasound' which is condensed into the size of the probe and no screen. If it is connected to a display screen, it will be a complete B ultrasound. The mobile phone only plays the role of receiving image signals, displaying and saving."

This product is equivalent to changing the original host + probe product form, the host is reduced to just a small, built into the probe inside the circuit board, into just a "probe" is equivalent to a B ultrasound and only need to carry with the help of mobile phone, tablet display.

Such a new technology brings great convenience to doctors in clinical emergency, ward examination, grassroots rounds, outdoor diagnosis, etc., as long as the pocket carries the "B ultrasound probe" (wireless probe type B ultrasound), plus its own mobile phone, anytime and anywhere can give patients examination.

The Convenience Brought By Convenient Ultrasound

This check both doctors not only convenient, but also to achieve the effect of rapid, timely and in a number of critical, if also makes by a sheet of traditional process and to check with big instrument, often take a long time and delay the timing of the first aid, and use the "wireless sensor type B ultrasonic + mobile phone" operation, it is possible to the fastest most timely.

As one of the most professional handheld ultrasound device manufacturers in China,Konted believe that in the future, it will become a ubiquitous diagnostic tool for health care workers, just like the stethoscope, which can be called the "optometer." Even with the decrease of the product price or the adoption of rental mode to solve the price barrier, the product gradually enters the family, and becomes a self-service daily examination tool for patients combined with the telemedicine diagnosis platform (among which the wireless probe for bladder urine volume detection can be used as a daily nursing tool for elderly patients with urinary incontinence at home).

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