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MEDIC EAST AFRICA 2023 -Exhibition Preview of Konted


There will be two exhibitions hold on September.One of them is in Thailand,the other one is in Kenya.These two exhibition will hold on September 11th and 13th.During this exhibition,we will show our new product C10MR.If you are interested in this product,then join the exhibition,so you can watch it closely.

Actually,since the end of the last exhibition, many people have communicated with us about this new product.And they have strong interested in this new product.C10MR is a high frequency linear probe.Unlike the other medical ultrasound equipment this one is high frequency linear probe.This equipment is for facial aesthetics.This ultrasound equipment improve patient safety with ultra-high definition ultrasound.Also,this medical equipment.It can display the nails of patients with psoriasis arthritis, facial arteries, and facial fillers.Like C10CW, C10MR is very portable and suitable for daily use.At the same time, it also creates more possibilities for the ultrasound equipment market.

In the future,Konted will join more events.We always looking forward to meet new friends.If you're interested in Konted ’ s products, please contact us anytime!