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Handheld Wireless Ultrasonic Imaging with Doppler Wave Technology

"Handheld Wireless Ultrasound", the world's first handheld ultrasound device, handheld ultrasound can support one-handed operation, transmitting ultrasound images to the display screens of mobile phones, tablets, and instruments through radio waves.

Handheld ultrasound can also be used during surgery or invasive medical procedures

It is necessary to use ultrasound equipment to monitor tools that enter the body, including catheters that are connected to specific organs through blood vessels. If the connection of the traditional ultrasound probe wire greatly restricts the operator's freedom of movement, it will cause tremendous obstacles. In addition, although the outside of the wire has a sterile protective layer, there is still a risk of infection. Removing the wire is very beneficial for surgery or invasive medical procedures.

The handheld ultrasound B-mode probe can work stably within a 3-meter range around the instrument and is equipped with a remote control button that can adjust the image settings. This new technology brings great convenience to doctors in clinical emergencies, ward inspections, grassroots inspections, outdoor diagnoses, etc. As long as you carry this "B-mode probe" (wireless probe-type B-mode ultrasound) in your pocket, coupled with your own mobile phone that you carry with you, you can check the patient anytime, anywhere.

This kind of examination using handheld ultrasound is convenient for both doctors and patients

Handheld medical ultrasound can achieve rapid and timely results. In many critical situations, if the traditional process of ordering tests and using large instruments to perform the examination is still used, it often takes a long time and delays the timing of emergency treatment. However, using this "wireless probe-type B-mode ultrasound + mobile phone" operation can achieve the fastest and most timely results.

We believe that in the future, it will become a diagnostic tool that is universally equipped with medical staff like a stethoscope. Even with the product's price drop or the adoption of a leasing model to solve the price barrier, it will gradually enter households and become a daily self-examination tool for patients combined with remote medical assistance diagnostic platforms (among which wireless probes for measuring bladder urine volume have become daily nursing tools for elderly urinary incontinence patients).

In addition, handheld ultrasound ultrasonic imaging-guided puncture and inspection during surgery have also brought great convenience. On the one hand, it is more flexible to use without the restriction of probe wires. The most important thing is that this wireless probe-type B-mode ultrasound can be inserted into a disposable protective cover. Each time it is used, the protective cover is replaced once, which solves the disinfection problem that is most concerned in surgery well, avoids the risk of cross-infection caused by incomplete disinfection, and the signal transmission of the probe to smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets can reach a distance of more than ten meters, just like conventional Wi-Fi, and is not affected by various obstacles including walls. This makes it easier to view images remotely, reduces the space occupied by equipment on the surgical table, and is also convenient to share images with more doctors and even patients' families.