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The Secret of Ultrasound Probe Being a "Top Weapon"

In the department, ultrasound examination is a complicated and time-consuming work. In the environment of insufficient light, doctors hold a probe, stare at the screen for carpet search in the whole process, and sit for a whole morning. It takes a lot of eye, brain and physical strength.

In the process of completing each examination, the handheld ultrasound probe as the doctor's work partner, is at the forefront of scouting the disease. It relies on the body parts to complete the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves. With the handheld movement, it coordinates the scanning of different sections in different parts, transmits signals with the host computer, and finally forms ultrasonic images for the dynamic real-time observation and interpretation of doctors.

1. Handheld ultrasound probe is the core component of ultrasonic equipment

The performance directly affects the characteristics of ultrasonic wave and the effect of ultrasonic imaging. The secret of probe playing the maximum role of "disease scout" cannot be separated with the improvement in handheld ultrasound probe, which is also the secret of ultrasound probes becoming "top weapon".

The work of R&D personnel on the handheld wireless ultrasound probe and medical workers is highly similar in nature. They both focus on the ultrasound, and are also involved in the intersection of multiple disciplines, and also rush to the front line, in order to ultimately meet the actual needs of clinical and patient research.


In order to complete this complex electronic system engineering, they need to focus on exploring the cutting-edge technology of the probe, optimize the probe design results, verify the comprehensive performance of the probe layer by layer, and bring more valuable diagnostic information to the clinic. At the same time, in order to reduce the work burden and pressure brought by ultrasonic examination, the R&D team explored, tested and verified the appearance and design of the handheld ultrasound probe based on the principle of ergonomics.

2. The handheld ultrasound probe, the doctor's strongest weapon

At present, with the medical research and development, there is a wide range of probes, covering in vivo and in vitro applications, involving phased array, abdomen, linear array, pediatrics and other different areas, which is the doctor’s handy "weapons".

In the process of research and development of broadband enhancement technology, in order to greatly reduce sound attenuation, achieve effective heat dissipation, widen the probe frequency band, enhance the penetration, the R&D team has selected excellent piezoelectric ceramic composite materials and adopted a production technology that combines increased multi-layer matching layer gradients with high-density precision cutting, which represents the high technology and high level of medical self-developed probe technology.

The broadband enhancement technology expands the bandwidth of the probe, while the double wave overlap technology transforms the high bandwidth into an image advantage. Double wave overlapping technology integrates the frequency width of fundamental wave and harmonic wave, which has the advantages of spatial resolution of harmonic wave, contrast resolution and few arboreal images, while retaining the advantage of fundamental wave penetration. It helps to obtain more diagnostic information, and meets the clinical diagnostic requirements of "seeing clearly and seeing far" of ultrasound doctors.

Both handheld ultrasound probe technologies are currently being used in high-end color ultrasound series to help doctors see more clearly during ultrasound examinations.

With steady efforts in the field of high-end ultrasound, we have been increasing the research and development of new products and the reserve of medium and long-term new technologies, making breakthroughs in the research and development of new material probes and other technologies, further improving the performance of the probes and successfully achieving a leap in ultrasound image quality.