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Simple In Form And Surging In Core: Wireless Probe Type B Ultrasound/Color Ultrasound

The size of the phone is only 250g, and the highest configuration is 192 array elements with 64 channels. Harmonic throatreduction composite imaging processing makes the image clear and delicate, comparable to high-end devices. The built-in 5G WIFI image transmission is smooth, and powerful puncture guidance and needle tip development enhancement functions are provided. Wireless B-mode ultrasound is wifi as a transmission link, showing the instant portrait of the phone or tablet.

Wireless B-Mode Ultrasound Probe Is A Handle

With 5G technology, this small wireless B-mode ultrasound probe is a handle, can control the remote medical arm at the other end. The patient is lying on the bed in his hometown, and the expert doctors thousands of miles away can clearly understand the patient's physical condition. As a sharp tool of visual precision medicine, and a good tool of emergency quick check and preliminary screening, remote B-ultrasound and telemedicine are conducive to improve the work efficiency of medical staff and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. Minimize diagnosis and treatment errors and complications, avoid medical accidents and resulting doctor-patient disputes.

For primary medical units, in addition to the convenience of house call, wireless ultrasound probe can also use the powerful remote consultation function to carry out consultation and obtain the guidance of experts.

Wireless Probe Type B Ultrasound Has Achieved Great Technological Breakthroughs

1) Realize the high integration and miniaturization of the hardware circuit of the product, and condense the host circuit into the probe. The whole probe type ultrasound is only about 300 grams.

2) Low power consumption design. The low power consumption makes the probe completely sealed but does not heat up, and inside the probe it can be used for up to three hours using only a small cell phone battery.

3) The ultrasonic image information can be transmitted wirelessly through Wifi, with large capacity, no loss, high speed and long distance to smart terminals such as tablets and mobile phones. This is achieved through specially customized built-in Wifi.

4) Develop ultrasound software based on Apple, Android, and Windows, run on smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, and display, process, manage and transmit the received ultrasound image information over the remote network.

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