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FIME 2023-The first exhibition in the Americas after the Covid 19


On June 21th,Konted joined the Fime 2023 that held on America.Also this is the first exhibition in the Americas after the Covid-19.Konted is honored to be invite by Fime 2023.For everyone this was an impressive experience.

During this exhibition,Konted show the new product which is C10CW.This product is a cardiac ultrasound probe.Unlike traditional portable ultrasound system with a cable connected to the probe, the C10 is wireless.And the C10CW ultrasound equipment has cw mode,it can help measure heart blood flow velocity.C10CW was showcased on-site.It providing a new method to explore the latest insights for our customers.This new ultrasound equipment creates infinite possibilities.A lots of people who join this exhibition are very interested in this medical equipment.The product's image quality and portability make it more usable for everyday use.And this product improves diagnostic accuracy and meets various needs of clinical practice.

In the future, Konted will keep attending more events at home and abroad,for searching more possible on medical ultrasound equipment.And we will have another new product this year.Follow Konted to explore more about our latest products and trends!