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2023 SHENZHEN CMEF-Combination of domestic and international markets


At the end of October, the cmef exhibition was held in Shenzhen.Many medical professionals gather here, which is an opportunity for Konted to meet new partners and break through themselves.Konted is honored to participate in this exhibition.

Konted handheld ultrasound device is based on cost-effective, high-performance image processing and light weight as its core technologies. The operation interface is more intelligent and simplified. It also has excellent performance in remote transmission functions and supports the connection of multiple devices.Color Doppler and two-dimensional image blood flow display provide great convenience for doctors’ diagnosis.

We have made different product recommendations for different customer groups and domestic and foreign market environments. The C10T is relatively popular in China, while the C10RL and C10TX, which are relatively popular abroad, have gained more customers' understanding of Konted products through the promotion of this exhibitionKonted handheld wireless ultrasound probe not only provides assistance to primary care, but also contributes to emergencies such as safety incidents.

This exhibition was very successful and received many positive reviews from customers. We are also very grateful for the recognition of CMEF and global customers. In the future, we will be committed to developing new products and look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition.