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Wireless Ultrasound: Modern Medical Imaging Innovation

With the rapid development of modern medical ultrasonic imaging technology, the emergence of wireless ultrasound enables doctors to diagnose in just a few seconds.

Wireless ultrasound technology improves medical level

As a precise medical tool for visualization, rapid diagnosis, remote B-ultrasound and remote medical services, wireless ultrasound technology products are beneficial for improving medical staff's work efficiency and diagnostic level. It minimizes diagnostic errors, complications, and medical accidents, as well as doctor-patient disputes. The wireless B-ultrasound makes use of wifi as a transmission link to display real-time images on a mobile phone or tablet. With the help of 5G technology, the wireless B-ultrasound probe can act as a handle to manipulate the machine arm on the other end of remote medical services.

The product is highly convenient due to its compact, lightweight, and wireless connectivity, making it suitable for various clinical procedures, such as various invasive procedures and minimally invasive surgeries. It is also highly accessible for medical emergencies, as medical staff can carry it in their pockets, quickly turn it on, and complete the examination promptly. If necessary, doctors can also send ultrasound images to remote doctors for further assistance and consultation. The product is also priced affordably, making it a necessary diagnostic tool for every medical staff and primary medical unit.

The research and development of wireless ultrasound technology products originates from customer needs and our continuous pursuit of product innovation

The traditional ultrasound equipment, B-ultrasound and color ultrasound, is relatively voluminous, even with portable or palm-sized ones still occupied a large volume. In addition, they consist of a host and a probe, with a wire connection between the two, which is inconvenient for carrying and use.

Wireless ultrasound technology products have concentrated ultrasound equipment to the utmost by changing the original product form of the host+probe connection. They have made the host smaller and turned it into a small circuit board that can be installed inside the probe. This board can function as a B-ultrasound/color ultrasound machine with further features that allow the device to connect with various intelligent terminals, such as phones, tablets, smart glasses, and smart televisions, via wifi, and display ultrasound images using dedicated APP software. The version with the built-in screen can show ultrasound images separately or synchronously on its screen.

New technologies and products such as wireless ultrasound bring great convenience to medical staff during clinical emergencies, ward rounds, primary medical examinations, and outdoor first aid. Carrying this "probe" (wireless probe-type B-ultrasound/color ultrasound) in a pocket provides doctors with a quick and on-the-spot examination. It is not only suitable for medical staff in large hospitals but also for primary care physicians and family doctors. This type of examination is not only convenient for doctors and patients, but also saves time, reduces examination difficulties, and achieves rapid and timely results. In many critical situations, compared to traditional processes of referral and examination with bulky equipment, using this wireless probe-type B-ultrasound/color ultrasound can achieve the fastest and most timely examination.