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The Portable Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Opens a New Era in Medical Examination

The portable handheld ultrasound scanner has the advantages of being convenient, widely adaptable, safe, reliable, fast, and accurate, and are widely used in clinical practice.

Handheld ultrasound machines: The new "stethoscope" for urologists

Currently, many hospitals have led general practitioners to carry ultrasound machines with them, ushering in an era of different ward rounds. The use of portable handheld ultrasonic scanner is more common in clinical practice, generally helpful in examining abdominal organs and monitoring fetal development during pregnancy. They are also commonly used in the examination of superficial and small organs, including the thyroid and breast glands. By observing the size of blood vessel lumens, the speed, direction, and establishment of collateral circulation, ultrasound machines can make better judgments.

Internal medicine doctors are accustomed to carrying stethoscopes while making their rounds, listening to respiratory and bowel sounds. However, in the eyes of urologists, ultrasound machines are their "other eye". Wireless portable ultrasound machines not only help doctors understand the anatomical status of various organs in the urinary system, but also serve as guidance and monitoring tools for puncture and interventional therapy.

Portable Handheld Ultrasonic Scanner Facilitate Medical Rounds

As the "urological stethoscope," the handheld ultrasound machine is inconvenient to carry and time-consuming to operate, and is currently only used for ward rounds in a few large tertiary teaching hospitals in provincial capitals. However, recognizing the importance of ultrasound technology for urologists, guidance teams have begun to promote ultrasound ward rounds, familiarizing themselves with the principles and usage of ultrasound machines, because "a good workman is known by his tools." Carrying ultrasound machines for ward rounds allows medical teams to immediately and visually understand patients' conditions and postoperative recovery, and patients and their families save time traveling back and forth to the ultrasound department to learn about their conditions.

Using a portable handheld ultrasonic scanner for medical rounds is a major innovation and breakthrough in the management model of inpatients in urology, allowing patients to enjoy high-quality, safe, and efficient medical services in provincial hospitals without having to travel to large city hospitals. With handheld ultrasound manufacturers offering a wide range of high-performance portable devices, medical professionals can provide on-demand patient care, improve diagnosis accuracy, and reduce wait times for specialist consultations. This approach has revolutionized the healthcare industry, enabling patients to access healthcare services with ease, regardless of their location, and has facilitated the provision of quality medical care to remote and underserved communities.

Ultrasound is widely used in clinical practice, especially in the examination of the thyroid, heart, blood vessels, breast, liver, gallbladder, urinary system, and gynecological systems. Because ultrasound does not use radiation, it is a unique weapon for examination during pregnancy.

The advantages of doctors using a portable handheld ultrasonic scanner in the clinic for ultrasound are numerous. They can save patients' time and improve doctors' diagnostic accuracy, enable doctors to carry out targeted next-step examinations, increase the positivity rate of imaging examinations, and allow ultrasound specialists to have more energy to engage in more challenging work.