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The popularity of the Wireless Ultrasound Machine

With the rapid development of modern medical ultrasound imaging technology, the emergence of wireless ultrasound machine has gradually improved the traditional method of having to go to a hospital and receive a doctor's referral and then use a large ultrasound machine to perform the examination. Wireless ultrasound enables doctors to diagnose patients' conditions within seconds.

Wireless ultrasound imaging technology plays a very important role in the medical field

Various applications and devices based on this technology also emerge in endlessly. Wireless ultrasound scanning devices are wireless probe-type B-mode ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus. Wireless ultrasound changes the product form of the original ultrasound equipment, which is made up of a main machine and a probe. It shrinks the main machine to a very small circuit board built inside the probe, which is only a "probe" and is equivalent to a B-mode ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus. It only needs to be displayed on a mobile phone or tablet computer carrying an ultrasound APP software. The image is transmitted from the probe's built-in Wi-Fi to the mobile phone/tablet.

Applications of wireless ultrasound machine in medicine

Wireless ultrasound machine is mainly used in various clinical departments of major hospitals and grassroots medical units, emergency medical units that require rapid emergency examinations (such as emergency rooms, ICUs, ambulances, wilderness rescues), preliminary screening (such as ward rounds, fetal monitoring, musculoskeletal rehabilitation examinations, fracture judgments, hospital health examinations, base-level examinations, family doctors' door-to-door examinations), as well as visual guidance for anesthesia puncture interventions, PICC catheterization, and various surgical procedures for injection and infusion vein finding, which are also good tools (small and wireless, convenient to use, and can be fitted in a disposable cover to avoid cross-infection caused by poor probe disinfection). It is also suitable for remote consultation and training to be easily realized with the powerful communication function of smartphones and tablets.
Handheld wireless ultrasound machine not only allows doctors to carry them with them conveniently and check patients' conditions at any time, but also stores the examination data of hundreds of patients after scanning. It can also be connected to the Internet to send patients' ultrasound images to doctors anywhere in the world. If difficult or complicated cases occur, global online consultations can be realized. Therefore, it has a very wide range of applications.

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