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2024 Shanghai CMEF - Persevere in a persistent way 


 Shortly after the Bologna exhibition, we rushed to Shanghai to participate in the 89th CMEF exhibition this spring. CMEF is the largest exhibition of medical devices in China, facing the international market. Konted has been invited many times.

 In this exhibition, C10TX was as popular as ever. Multi-mode adjustment, lightweight design, 3-in-1 probe design, etc. are deeply loved by people at home and abroad. The flexibility of the C10TX to move geographically is essential for healthcare professionals in every practice. Especially in emergency situations in extreme environments, it is very important to have a handheld wireless ultrasound. It can detect abdominal organs and arteries simultaneously according to different situations.Of course, the other two models, RL and RL PRO, are also favored by customers.

 Don't worry about software issues.It is designed to meet the needs of versatile applications in general practice, cardiology and women's health,crucially, is free to use.

 Konted has always been committed to providing high-quality ultrasound technology. We look forward to launching more exciting innovations in the ultrasound space as we embark on this journey.