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Color Superfical Ultrasound

Color Superfical Ultrasound

A handheld vascular doppler ultrasound probe provides more clear 2D ultrasound images.

Pocket handheld vascular doppler machine, easy to carry.

Hand-held doppler vascular probe software compatible IOS Android Windows systems, free use all life& update.

Wireless hand held vascular doppler ultrasound performs B, B/M, Color, PW, PDI mode, software available smart phone, tablet, PC etc...

This handheld vascular doppler machine is the best choice for anesthesiologists, vascular and neurologists.

Konted as one of the handheld ultrasound companies in China, insist on providing high-quality handheld wireless ultrasound probe.

Handheld Vascular Doppler Ultrasound Types

Handheld Vascular Doppler Ultrasound Difference

C10CX, C10CS, C10H and C10UL are all colour linear handheld vascular doppler ultrasound probes, they examined the same area, C10CX and C10UL specifications are very similar, their scanning freq is 7.5-10MHz, their footprint is L45, but they have a different element, and C10UL is wifi+usb. C10CS element is 192, scan freq is 10-14MHz, scan depth is 20-100mm, the footprint is L25, C10H element is 256, scan freq is 7.5-10MHz, the footprint is L80.

Scan Freq7.5-10Mhz10-14Mhz7.5-10Mhz7.5-10Mhz
Scan Depth20-100mm20-80mm20-100mm20-100mm
ApplicationThyroid. Small parts. Pediatrics. Vascular. Carotid. Breast. MSK. NerveThyroid. Small parts. Pediatrics. Vascular. Carotid. Breast. MSK. Nerve. EyePediatrics. Breast.MSK. Children hip.Thyroid. Small parts. Pediatrics. Vascular. Carotid. Breast. MSK. Nerve

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Have Any Questions? Get in Touch With KONTED Now!
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