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Ultrasonic protective film(C10cover CL)

This product is suitable for C10 convex array probe, which can prevent cross-infection, also help protect the ultrasonic probe and extend the service life of the ultrasonic probe, and will not affect the effect of ultrasonic examination. The application of a protective cover can prevent the patient's blood, body fluids, etc. from contaminating the B-ultrasound probe and causing cross-infection in the hospital. This avoids damage to the B-ultrasound probe caused by repeated use of 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde for soaking and disinfection.

c10 protective film1
c10 protective film2
c10 protective film3
c10 protective film

Specification of Ultrasonic protective film(C10cover CL)

Product specs:

NameUltrasonic protective film(C10cover CL)
Compatible modelC10cover CL
Single use



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